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With its futuristic skyscrapers, unrivaled food scene, and wild nightlife, Tokyo is a rush of pure adrenaline. This vast and multifaceted city is famously cutting edge, yet its ancient Buddhist temples, vintage teahouses, and peaceful gardens offer a serene escape — and a poignant reminder of the city’s long history. 

First Tokyo Summit was held in 2017. Second in 2020. The general purpose of Tokyo Summit is to provide opportunities for scientists from all over world to meet and to discuss current research on a broad range of subjects. 


Qualified scientists from any all world are of course welcome as participants, but the need to improve communications within World is relevant to the scientific programme and to the choice of leading speakers.

These Conferences are broad in scientific scope, are open to all disciplines


- Administrative Sciences

- Antrophology

- Biology

- Chemistry

- Economics

- Educational Sciences

- Engineering

- Geography

- History

- Humanities

- Medical Sciences

- Natural Sciences

- Physics

- Social Sciences

- Open to all disciplines

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